Manuscript Editing

AA manuscript is prepared when an author wants her work to get published. It may be done by a research scholar at the graduate level or academicians who have written several research papers. Whether it is the manuscript of a paper or just an article, a close scrutiny is required to ensure that the finished work is without any flaws. This is especially true for authors who have English as the second language. They are often not aware of the internationally accepted standards of writing and formatting, which are mandatory for most well known publications.

The manuscript editing service offered by Regent Editing focuses on the problems faced by such authors. We ensure that your work, prepared after in depth research and hard work, does not get rejected just because of lack of proper structure, layout, vocabulary or presentation. Our editors are seasoned academicians who have got their own papers published in leading journals. Hence, they are familiar with the quality standards to be met for publications. Moreover, they have expertise in various disciplines and can add value to a manuscript in any subject.


When you choose to avail this service, we follow the process as described below:

  • Send your manuscript and recieve quote
  • Confirm payment and discuss requirements
  • Check by editor for language, grammar, spellings, citations
  • You receive final draft and provide feedback
  • Final check by editor for plagiarism, format and length
  • Check by editor for language, grammar, spellings, citations

Thus, your manuscript will be checked in three stages. Having the document reviewed by different experts also ensures that there is not a single error left in it. Due to this rigorous process, we are able to provide a guarantee for 100% accuracy and zero plagiarism. Right from the abstract to the figures and illustrations, as well as the bibliography, we check each part of the manuscript minutely.

When discussing the requirements, you must mention the targeted journals and the formatting style to be followed. In case there are any additional requirements, or any comments you have received from reviewers, you must share the same with us. With our dedicated service, you can be confident of having your paper accepted and published.

For any queries regarding the service you can contact us or directly place an online order.